An Adventure in Geordieland

Being a student can be hard with loads of exam prep, lectures to attend, places to go, people to see, and all that studying in between. So how do you get a moment to have some down time whilst living on a Lambrini budget? Entertaining yourself in Newcastle doesn’t have to cost a penny, there’s plenty of free things to see and do that can easily keep you occupied for day. From picturesque walks to culture and history, there’s something for everyone so chill, grab a coffee and we will explain how easy it is!

1. Become a farmer at Ouseburn Farm
Nestled away from the heart of the Ouseburn Valley is Newcastle city’s working farm. Originally opened in 1976 to give local children the experience of working with farm animals, the farm’s evolved into a blissful rural escape where you can have a stroll around the fields, ponds and gardens, and learn all about farming and sustainability. You will love the wide range of farm animals, free crafting and nature activities. Why not put those green fingers to use and check out some of their volunteering opportunities here!

2. Unleash your inner explorer in Chinatown
Almost hidden behind Newcastle’s Gate restaurant/bar complex, stroll through the famous golden arch and take in the sights, and delicious smells, of Chinatown. Full of colourful restaurants and supermarkets, the area is a bustling centre of Chinese life, and don’t forget to snap a selfie with the imposing stone dragons before you leave.  

3. Outdoor exercise
Keeping fit can be expensive but rather than contracting yourself to an expensive gym membership why not take in the fresh air whilst admiring some amazing views across the river? Along Newcastle’s Quayside there’s a gym station with four free pieces of equipment that line the banks of the Tyne. When you’re ready to up the pace of your workout the circuit between Tyne Bridge and the Millennium Bridge is perfect for a short, scenic run.

4. Take a gander at the Angel of the North
One of the most famous landmarks in the North East, the Angel is something that you absolutely have to see up close to truly appreciate. Standing since 1998, the 66 feet tall beauty is seen by one person every second (there’s a lot of passing traffic) – that’s a whopping 33 million people a year. To really appreciate her dominance over the landscape stand at her feet and gaze up – you’ll never feel smaller!

5. Explore the wonders of the Sage
Offering fantastic views of the River Tyne, there is plenty of comfortable seats to relax and take in the sights. Have a browse around the lovely little shop and if you’re lucky, sometimes you can catch a burst of free live music taking place in the foyer.

6. Take the Walk of Fame
Forget the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in the North East we’re all about celebrating our own. Scattered along the banks of the Tyne you can follow in the footsteps of the very finest Geordie heroes; keep an eye out for special tributes to famous stars such as Ant & Dec and Alan Shearer.

7. Discover the past of Geordieland
Visit the Discovery Museum and learn about the history of Newcastle and Tyneside told through many live exhibitions. The Museum focuses on Newcastle’s importance to Britain and the rest of the world through interactive displays, free talks/ tours, screenings and workshops. Plus get some extra experience (all the better for your CV) and enroll as a volunteer with masses of opportunities. There really isn’t a better way to take your mind off studying.

8. People watch at the Quayside markets
Every Sunday the Quayside hosts a market with plenty of local businesses selling their wares from artists, designers and food vendors, to ceramic makers, jewelers and much more. A great place for a morning stroll, there’s always a fantastic atmosphere and plenty of bargains to be had.

9. Pet an alpaca!
In the heart of the beautiful Jesmond Dene you’ll find Pets Corner. A real local favourite, the ‘farm’ features animals of all shapes and sizes from Alpacas to turkeys, birds to pigs, it has it all. After petting why not have a stroll along the calm oasis of woodland walks in Jesmond Dene? Pack the sausage rolls and a bottle of fizz, and take time out away from your studies by the beautiful waterfall where you can enjoy some well-earned peace and quiet. But most importantly – you don’t have to spend a penny!  

10. The Seven Bridges
Newcastle offers seven remarkable bridges that are each unique and spectacular. Did you know it’s rumored that the Harbour Bridge in Syndey was modelled on our very own Tyne Bridge? Why not pop along to the iconic monument to get a feel for how magnificent it really is. Then stroll just a hundred yards along to the Swing Bridge; from here you’ll get a great view of the Millennium Bridge’s coloured lights and maybe, catch a glimpse of it winking at you as it pivots for passing ships.

There you have it; plenty of ways to de-stress and make best use of your spare time. Being a student in a city is all about experiencing as much of what that city has to offer as you can, and there’s just a boat-load of interesting, free stuff happening in Newcastle all year. So get out of your room and explore! Remember to pop into the Social at Six in Bryson Court on your way out to take a peak of our monthly what’s on calendar; there’s loads of free events going on here in the Village too.