How to create a winning Halloween costume (on a budget)

All Hallow’s Eve is only a few days away and it’s time to start panicking about not having your costume ready. Well stop panicking! We’ve combed the internet for inspired costume ideas that are easy to make, will outshine anyone for best-dressed and are, most importantly, cheap.

If the following list below doesn’t inspire you to think outside the box this Halloween, we’ll eat our witch’s hat.

joyce from stranger things.jpg

Stranger Things-inspired Ouija board costume

Get a plain t-shirt and paint the alphabet and letters onto it like the character Joyce does in the show. Maybe aquire some face paints and write on your face and arms as well for dramatic effect.

Twilight Vampire
Easy. Literally cover your skin in glitter. All of it: be bold.

A living crossword
Use a white top or dress to mark out a crossword pattern. Fill in a few words but leave others blank. Use the back of the top/dress to write clues.

It’s raining men
Purchase a copy of GQ or Men’s Health and cut out the faces of the male models. Pop on a coat and pin the faces on. Sing ‘It’s raining men’ loudly in the face of friends, relatives and friendly-looking strangers.

Frida Khalo
Locate a flowery headband and draw on a monobrow with eyeliner.

a ceiling fan.jpg

A ceiling fan

You're welcome

Crazy Cat Lady
Wear a dressing gown (preferably unwashed) and carry around a load of fluffy toy cats.

Regina George from Mean Girls
Simply cut holes in the front of a vest top. Warning: this outfit will not keep you warm, please take a coat out. 

A bread winner
Buy as much bread as you can from the offer aisle in your local supermarket and carry it around. As with 'ceiling fan' above, writing 'Winner' on an item of clothing may add depth to your outfit. 

Dress as your Dad
As the title suggests, and remember to wear socks and sandals. 

Fancy dress
Put on your best frock and feel glamorous all night. When anyone asks what you've come as, reply 'I'm fancy-dressed'. And even if they don't appreciate the pun, know that we salute you. 

The internet is full of wonderfully gory, ghoulish and garishly-awful Halloween ideas. Check out these lists from Buzzfeed and Pop Sugar for more inspiration.