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Wellbeing Workshops

We have invited Julie Rea, an experienced trainer and manager of student mental health services, to join us at Portland Green Student Village to deliver some wellbeing workshops. 

These workshops are free to attend; you just need to book a place, because numbers are limited.

If you find these workshops helpful, we may also run further wellbeing sessions in the future.  So bring along any ideas that you have about other wellbeing or mental health topics you would like us to cover in future workshops. 

4:15pm, 27th February: - “I’ll do that later.”  Are you putting things off?

How many times have you said, “I’ll do it later” or “I’ve got other things to do before I start that assignment”?

Do you find yourself putting things off – for example, leaving academic work until just before the deadline, then panicking your way to the final word count?  Are you perhaps putting off other things that you find tricky?  Yes?  Then this workshop is for you!

The workshop will explore the different reasons behind procrastination and some practical ways to help you get things done.  This is not a study skills workshop; rather it is an opportunity to understand yourself better, explore why you procrastinate.  It will help you to understand how to avoid procrastination and why this will have real benefits for you, your studies and your general wellbeing.

The session will start at 4:15pm and will last around 75 minutes (ending at 5:30pm).

To book a free place this workshops email: or pop down to reception

6pm, 27th February - Minimising stress and worry

Are you feeling stressed out?  Are worrying about even the smallest of things – things that you wouldn’t usually worry about?  Yes? Then this workshop is for you!

Stress and worry can affect all of us at times, and sometimes we can feel a little overwhelmed by worry or by stressful thoughts and feelings.  This workshop explores what happens to our mind and body when we feel stressed or worried.

The workshop will also provide some great, straightforward, practical ‘take home’ tips on how to respond in these situations and how to reduce stress and worry.

The session will start at 6pm and will last around 75 minutes (ending at 7:15pm).

To book a free place this workshops email: or pop down to reception