Social at Six

A social space for all residents

This versatile space is a favourite of all residents and the location of many of our on-site events. With TVs, video games, a pool table, table tennis and a stocked kitchen, the Social at Six is the heart of Village and the ideal escape from your flat when you need a little breathing space. This is the perfect space to relax with friends, listen to music and improve your pool skills. Plus two group study rooms means our residents have space to further their studies without having to leave the Village. 

We have high level benches, ideal for typing up an essays and studying when you need a change of scenery 

Cocktail party in the Social Area for residents and friends, hosted by Jalou Cocktail Bar

Our games and music area is the Social's most popular hangout

Our monthly quiz night is a popular staple of PGSV's social calendar; teams gets free pizza too!

We have a Playstation4 console and darts so you'll always find something to keep you entertained

We have a FREE drinks and snacks area - make yourself a cuppa and relax